Is President Obama’s Ego More Important to Ann Kirkpatrick than Her Constituents?

Is President Obama’s Ego More Important to Ann Kirkpatrick than Her Constituents?

Kirkpatrick Avoids Responsibility to District, Instead Backs Obama and Pelosi

PHOENIX – Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, joined business owners in Northern Arizona to demand Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick side with her Arizona constituents rather than Democrat leaders in Washington, and asked her to vote to support the communities near the Grand Canyon which have been devastated since Kirkpatrick voted to protect Obamacare rather than protect the Grand Canyon.

Last week, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick voted with her Democrat colleagues in the House to deny funding to the Grand Canyon National Park, an economic engine that has an impact of nearly a half-billion dollars per year and supports 7,400 jobs. The closure is having a negative effect on nearly every resident, business, and local government in the area. Grand Canyon communities are estimated to be losing $1.3 million every day the park remains closed.

“The whole world knows Arizona as the Grand Canyon State, but it seems Ann Kirkpatrick is more interested in pleasing Nancy Pelosi and President Obama than looking out for the people in her district,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “Representative Kirkpatrick had an opportunity to do the right thing and vote to keep the Grand Canyon open, but she’s just shirking her true responsibilities in favor of blind obedience to her Democrat leadership.”

Joy Staveley, who runs one of the oldest, family river running businesses in the Grand Canyon is Treasurer of the Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association said, “Grand Canyon river outfitters (all small businesses) and their employees are getting hammered financially with this Park Service shut down. We are a seasonal industry and October is a prime time for rowing in the Grand Canyon. Outfitter customers have been planning for more than a year to take this “once-in-a-life-time” adventure vacation, only to see the federal government lock the gates because people like Ann Kirkpatrick have turned their backs on us.”

Last week Governor Jan Brewer joined with Senate President Andy Biggs and Speaker of the House Andy Tobin to request President Obama allow them to keep the park open with state and private funds as has been done in the past. Today, Tusayan Mayor Greg Bryan reported to the media that the town had raised $400,000 to operate the park, but the park service still refused to open.