AZGOP Files Federal Complaint Against Super PAC Illegally Supporting Ann Kirkpatrick

Nancy Pelosi’s Liberal Allies Cross Legal Line to Shore Up Weak Candidate Who Supports Obamacare

PHOENIX – The Arizona Republican Party filed a complaint today with the Federal Elections Commission against a pro-Ann Kirkpatrick ad currently running on television in Arizona. The complaint argues that the television ad violates federal laws that prohibit coordination between candidates and Super PACs.

The complain asks the FEC to immediately begin an investigation into the ad.

The ad, which is running on Phoenix television, is paid for by House Majority PAC, a Democrat Super PAC that supports Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick. It includes footage produced and posted on the internet that had been created and paid for by the Kirkpatrick campaign. Under FEC laws, this makes the ad an illegal in-kind contribution, by the PAC, to the Kirkpatrick campaign because it uses property owned by the Kirkpatrick campaign.

“Apparently Nancy Pelosi is not anxious to lose her Democratic pro-Obamacare pals in Congress, but they’re stepping over the legal line to try to sway voters,” said Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. “Unfortunately for her, voters in Arizona continue to oppose Pelosi, Reid, and Obama’s policies. Ann Kirkpatrick continues to vote with their liberal agenda. Her Washington pals are free to support her in Arizona but they need to make sure they follow federal law.”

The complaint is here.

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