AZGOP to Lobbyist Fred DuVal: Who Are Your Clients?

AZGOP to Lobbyist Fred DuVal: Who Are Your Clients?

Lobbyist Says He Will Disclose His Clients Days After Renouncing His Profession as an Influence Peddler

PHOENIX – This morning Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party observed that lobbyist and Democratic nominee for governor of Arizona now claims he will disclose his list of lobbying clients. The claim by DuVal comes just days after he renounced his life-long career as a lobbyist.

“We’ve been asking for lobbyist DuVal for some time for him to disclose who he was working for during all those years, and last night he made the promise on live television that he would tell us,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham.


Fred DuVal Claims He Will Disclose His Lobbying Client List And That It Is Already Public. (Statement, Clean Elections Debate, 9/29/14)

Doug Ducey: “Fred, would you disclose your list of clients?”

Fred DuVal: “Sure.”

Doug Ducey: “As a lobbyist?”

Fred DuVal: “Sure.”

(Statement, Clean Elections Debate, 9/29/14)

This Comes Days After DuVal Disavowed His Career:

DuVal Claims He Will Never Lobby Again. “Let me put this issue to rest I’m not ever lobbying again.” (Twitter, KTVK-TV’s Dennis Welch, 9/26/14)

DuVal Has Repeatedly Refused To Disclose His Client List:

DuVal Has Ignored Repeated Requests To Release His Full Lobbying Client List. “Simply swearing off future lobbying gigs will not atone for his dubious lobbying activities in the past.  When will he simply answer the questions about his client lists and how he peddled influence to Democrat governors around the country?” (Press Release, “Fred DuVal Claims Lobbying Days Are Over,” Arizona Republican Party, 9/29/14)

What We Know About The Career-Long Influence Peddler:

DuVal’s Own LinkedIn Profile Lists 17 Years Of Lobbying History. (Website, Fred DuVal’s LinkedIn Profile, Accessed 9/17/14)

  • Owner & President, DuVal & Associates (Jan. 2002 – Dec. 2012). “Represented clients in Washington D.C. and in state capitols across the country.” (Website, Fred DuVal’s LinkedIn Profile, Accessed 9/17/14)
  • Senior Managing Director, Hill & Knowlton (May 2000 – May 2002). “Guided government affairs strategies for clients of a global consulting firm.” (Website, Fred DuVal’s LinkedIn Profile, Accessed 9/17/14)
  • Partner, Robb, DuVal & DeMenna (May 1991 – May 1993). “Represented cities, companies and associations at the Arizona State Legislature.” (Website, Fred DuVal’s LinkedIn Profile, Accessed 9/17/14)
  • Associate, Heron, Burchette, Ruckert and Rothwell (Nov. 1988 – May 1991). “Advised law firm clients on public affairs and represented clients at Arizona State Legislature.” (Website, Fred DuVal’s LinkedIn Profile, Accessed 9/17/14)

NOTE: Fred Doesn’t Mention Any Of These Companies In His Bio On His Website. (Website, Fred 2014, Accessed 9/29/14)

The DuVal & Associates Website Only Lists Four Clients Even Though The Firm Has Been Around For Over 10 Years. (Website, DuVal & Associates, Accessed 9/29/14)

The Lobbying Firm Hill & Knowlton Represented Several Notorious Clients During DuVal’s Tenure, Including The Debswana Diamond Company and Enron. (Website, U.S. House Lobbyist Disclosure, Accessed 9/12/14)