Arizona Republican Party Leaders Meet to Discuss 2016 Victory Strategy

Arizona Republican Party Leaders Meet to Discuss 2016 Victory Strategy


AZGOP Executive Committee Members Gather to Plan for Republican Victories

PHOENIX – Today Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party chaired a day-long meeting of the state party’s Executive Committee at the headquarters in Phoenix. Committee members from throughout the state met to plan for victories in 2016 and take the steps needed to ensure Republican candidates compete successfully for every level of government office in Arizona.

“I’m happy to report that we had a significantly productive session that involved getting party leaders from throughout the state engaged in a cooperative effort to produce the best outcome,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “The Republican Party is ready to compete across the board, and we’re not just building on our past successes but we’re prepared to help our nominees overwhelm the opposition with a strong ground game and a powerful get out the vote program.”

Graham won approval of a multi-million dollar fundraising plan to fund party operations and support candidates throughout the state, including establishing more than a dozen Victory 2016 offices at strategic locations statewide. Attendees heard numerous committee reports and presentations, including topics such as the newly-approved election reforms recently signed by Governor Ducey, challenges involving the 1998 voter-approved open primary, and the upcoming decision from the U. S. Supreme Court that the party hopes will overturn the actions of the Independent Redistricting Commission that illegally favored Democrat congressional candidates.

The committee voted overwhelmingly against a motion to spend party contributions to close the primary election. A vote to recess the meeting to allow for further review of the issue of closing the primary was also defeated.