Marijuana Legalization Faces Overwhelming Opposition from AZGOP Leadership

Marijuana Legalization Faces Overwhelming Opposition from AZGOP Leadership


Grassroots Republican Leaders Statewide Committed to Fighting Illegal Marijuana Use

PHOENIX – Today Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party released the results of input he received when polling Republican party leaders throughout Arizona about their views on the legalization of marijuana. A political committee created last year is now circulating petitions to put the legalization of marijuana on the November 2016 ballot.

“Republicans overwhelmingly oppose the destructive use of drugs in our families, in our schools and in our workplaces, because legalizing marijuana sends a profoundly disturbing message to our children about the choices they will be making in life,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “We’ve already heard from law enforcement officials that marijuana supposedly used for medicinal purposes is being abused and ending up in the hands of children and young teens, and we need to reverse that trend.”

Graham asked the party’s Executive Committee, made up of elected Republican Party officials from each county and legislative district in the state, about their views on the marijuana measure. The vast majority oppose the legalization, clearing the way for the party to use its resources to defeat the measure in the 2016 election.

Graham encouraged not just Republicans but all opposed to the legalization of marijuana to attend a roundtable discussion on the issue hosted by the ASU Morrison Institute on June 4th at the ASU Downtown Campus. Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, who also opposes the legalization of marijuana, is a featured panelist at the event.