Marijuana Advocates Write Fake Check to Educators

Marijuana Advocates Write Fake Check to Educators

Pot Group Asks Teachers to Sell Out Students, Skim Money from Drug Sales

PHOENIX – This morning Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party criticized marijuana legalization advocates for corralling a handful of teachers on the lawn of the Capitol and offering them money in exchange for supporting marijuana legalization.

“This was a pathetic display — this marijuana cartel is trying to recruit Arizona’s educators by pledging a share of the future profits from the marijuana industry,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “The promises of benefits from recreational marijuana are as fake as the check they showed at their press conference today.”

The group initially announced a $50 million check would be presented, but apparently misplaced $10 million of it overnight and reduced the amount accordingly. The proposal is one of two competing marijuana-legalizing ballot measure that need more than 150,000 voter signatures in order to qualify for the ballot in 2016.

Party Chairman Robert Graham has joined forces with Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy to oppose the measure. The group released information yesterday from Colorado documenting the failures of legalizing marijuana there and discounting the notion that marijuana tax revenues help fund public education.

Andrew Freeman, Director of Marijuana Coordination for the State of Colorado, told the Boston Herald, “You do not legalize for taxation. It is a myth. You are not going to pave streets. You are not going to be able to pay teachers. The big red herring is the whole thing that the tax revenue will solve a bunch of crises. But it won’t.”

The Arizona Republican Party polled 1,600 voters last month and found voters oppose the legalization of marijuana by more than two to one. In June the party’s Executive Committee, made up of grassroots leaders from throughout the state, voted overwhelmingly to oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana.