Arizona Republican Party Partners With PRI in Sonora, Mexico in Youth Exchange Program

Arizona Republican Party Partners With PRI in Sonora, Mexico in Youth Exchange Program

Chairman Robert Graham Urges Improvement in Understanding of Cross Border Civics and Constitutional Principles

PHOENIX – This afternoon Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party thanked his counterpart Chairman Gilberto Gutierrez Sánchez of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) in Sonora, Mexico as they announced a college-student and party staff exchange program designed to improve cross-border relations and develop a better understanding between the parties of neighboring constitutional, electoral, job-creation and civics issues.

Graham is visiting Sonora, Mexico this week to create a relationship between the two political parties based on shared goals and common interests.

“We’ve had a prosperous trade relationship with Sonora for many years and it’s about time we share more than just economic prosperity,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “By building relationships to improve our understanding of each others’ constitutional and electoral systems, we’re going a long way toward creating the next generation of successful and knowledgable political leaders. I am very grateful to Chairman Sánchez for agreeing to be a part of this bold new endeavor, and getting youth involved is an important part of the job-creation agenda we all share.”

The agreement involves an exchange program for college-age political activists who will visit their party counterparts across the border for periods of at least 15 days, and help participants improve their understanding of legislative and constitutional issues by observing sessions of the Sonoran Congress and the Arizona Legislature. Participants will learn about different electoral processes, and develop bonds of understanding and acquire a network of knowledgeable acquaintances across the border.

The English translation of the draft agreement signed today in Sonora is Exchange Program- PRI- REP ENG 3, and photo below of Sánchez (left) and Graham.