AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham’s Statement on Presidential Nomination Process

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham’s Statement on Presidential Nomination Process

Party Structure Supports Decision to be Made by Arizona Voters on March 22, Fully Committed to Supporting Republican Nominee

PHOENIX – This afternoon Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party called for party leaders throughout the state to remind voters and grassroots party volunteers that the Arizona Republican Party and the local committees in each county and district in Arizona will support the winner of the March 22 Republican Presidential Preference Election.

“We trust the Republican voters, and we’re looking forward to their decision on March 22,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “Once the decision is made, the nominee will have the full support of the party. Until that time, the party is neutral with respect to the candidates and takes no position on any candidate.”

He thanked the party’s precinct committeemen, the volunteers who are elected in nearly 1,500 voting precincts throughout the state and assist fellow party members in voting on election day. While precinct committeemen might have a favorite candidate prior to the selection of the nominee, they are still elected party officials and have an obligation to support the party nominee elected by their party’s voters.

“This is a competitive process, and the only way it can be a legitimate one is to have the party’s voters, and not anyone else, choosing our nominee,” Graham added.