Citizen Outrage and Threats From Voters Push Phoenix City Council to Reverse Decision to Ban Public Prayer

Citizen Outrage and Threats From Voters Push Phoenix City Council to Reverse Decision to Ban Public Prayer

American Tradition of Public Prayer Restored – City Council Reinstates Public Prayer After Strong Reaction from Republican Party Leaders

PHOENIX – Late tonight Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party thanked the Phoenix City Council for standing up to those who tried to bully city leaders into permanently abolishing the practice of a brief prayer before official city council meetings.

The Phoenix City Council voted last month to end the longstanding tradition of public prayer after being confronted by what Graham called “satanic bullies” who demanded equal time. But in a 7 to 2 vote tonight, last month’s decision was overturned and the tradition of a spoken prayer was restored.

“This was about intimidation and bullying by a tiny group of malcontents trying to force-feed an absurd and disingenuous political agenda into the day-to-day decisions being made by our city’s elected leaders,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “After a swift, strong, and very negative reaction from Phoenix residents I’m proud that our collective action against the petty tyrants — who have been misusing our rights to religious freedom in order to perform a publicity stunt — has led to a strong majority on the city council standing up to these bullies.”

Graham reacted publicly last month to the city’s decision to ban public prayer by announcing an effort to launch a ballot initiative as well as a recall election against the elected officials who voted to ban public prayer at council meetings.

“I thank those who have joined with me — from members of the city council to the leaders and members of our faith communities to our local Republican committees — to support the First Amendment without destroying the contributions from people of faith. We stand together ready to work actively with any community in our state threatened by these bullies,” Graham added.

February 4, 2016 press release is here:

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham: We Need Prayer!