Republican Voters Support Donald Trump for Nomination

Republican Voters Support Donald Trump for Nomination

Chairman Robert Graham Congratulates Donald Trump on Victory as Delegate Selection Process Begins

PHOENIX – This morning Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party congratulated Donald Trump on his decisive victory yesterday in Arizona’s Republican Presidential Preference Election.

“There is no question the voters in the Republican Party are motivated, engaged, and eager to put a Republican in the White House and keep our majorities in the U.S. House and Senate,” said Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham. “Trump’s victory yesterday was decisive and our delegates to the Republican National Convention have a clear mandate from our party’s voters to support him for the nomination.”

The party will elect 55 delegates to attend the Republican National Convention, joined by Chairman Robert Graham, National Committeeman Bruce Ash, and National Committeewoman Sharon Giese for a total of 58 delegates bound by law to vote for Donald Trump. The election of the national delegates will take place April 30th at the Mesa Convention Center.

Additional information about the state and national delegate selection process, including local delegate elections that begin this week, is available at